Advocacy For Foster Children

Become a Foster Parent

Become a Foster Parent

Advocacy for Foster Children aims to find kind and loving parents for children in need in Georgia. We provide training and support for anyone who wants to become a foster parent. Our goal is to find adults that can provide immediate safety, care, and well-being in a loving home. These children are in State Custody due to substantiated child abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Our aim is to piece broken lives back together.

Basic Qualifications 

  1. If single, a person needs to be at least 25 years old to apply and must be a minimum of 10 years older than the child.
  2. Need to pass a medical exam, give a fingerprint check, pass the Georgia Child Protective Services screening, a National Sex Offender Registry check, a Pardons and Paroles System screening, and a screening by the Department of Corrections database.
  3. Must show stability, maturity, and a positive mentoring attitude for children

What Is the Foster Process in Georgia?

Advocacy for Foster Children will assist and support you throughout the fostering process in GA. Here are some basic guidelines that you will need to complete in order to become a foster parent:

  1. Information will be provided and the location of the next monthly Orientation and Training Meeting in your county.
  2. After orientation, attend the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) Training Program called IMPACT.
  3. The program guides you through to an evaluation of your home preparations for child placement.
  4. IMPACT: 2-hour Personal Orientation and Training Modules for 1 hour each, done online.

Contact Us for Support

Advocacy for Foster Children will be your advocate from start to finish. We will help you throughout the whole process, so you don’t need to worry.