Advocacy For Foster Children

Support Campaign

Support the Campaign to Find Homes for Foster Children

Do you have room in your heart and your home for foster children in need? Support our campaign to advocate for safer and better homes for children in need. There is a dire need for foster homes in Georgia, so our job is to find them!

Spread The Word About the Desperate Need for Foster Parents in Georgia

We need volunteers to support our campaign to spread the word about the importance of informing ministers and priests about the need for foster homes. Spreading the word is how we can bring about positive change into the life of a child who desperately needs it.

Host an Educating Talk on Foster Care

You can open your church, business, workplace, and other spots in the community to have an exhibition or talk. Educating more and more people about the necessity of foster parenting can help meet the demands of foster homes in Georgia.

Recruitment of New Foster Parents Campaign

Advocacy for Foster Children is looking to host talks in different locations where you can join, learn, and help support our campaign. Exhibiting or talk locations include local churches, and you can help by distributing handouts and other small tasks. AFC will personally talk to all attendees who want to learn more about fostering and guide them through the fostering process.