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Advocacy for Foster Children, INC

Every child has a fundamental right to safety and a guardian whose full attention is on their needs. The need for determined and kind foster parents is desperate.

The First Foster Parent

“God gave Joseph the responsibility of caring for the Christ Child, Jesus. It is our adult responsibility to care for and guide these foster children.”

Who Are WE

About Advocacy for Foster Children

Advocacy for Foster Children was founded in 2015 by R. Michael and Carol McMahon and received its tax exemption status a year later. This public charity strives to make it easier for foster children to find loving and kind foster parents who can help them during tough times. Children often have to navigate the tough foster care system with little support from well-meaning but overburdened agencies.

We Are On a Mission

To Help the Helpless

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What We Do

Our Core Areas of Focus

Advocacy for Foster Children focuses on connecting children in need of good homes to foster homes in Georgia. Our work is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children who need safe homes.

Family Match

Finding interested foster parents and potential families wanting adoption is our main work. We connect the child to the best possible foster.

Orientations and Training

With our continual support, we have different programs outlined to provide information and sufficient training for all potential foster parents.

Restoration Care

This is for children or teenagers who require a place to stay comfortably while we are working to restore them to permanent care, relatives, or birth families.

Respite Care

A one-time flexible arrangement, maybe a month, week, or weekend, with the goal of expanding the support network for the child or young person.

Long-Term Care

For children who require support for the long-term or until they are 18 years of age – for the majority of their most important formative years.

Emergency Care

For young adults or children who need support and help for the short-term, which could be a few months or just an overnight.